Highland Hillforts 

Hill forts are one of the most prominent types of prehistoric monument seen across many parts of Britain and Ireland

Craig Mony, Drumnadrochit, 

It was named after a Norse leader who is said to have besieged it, before retreating further along Glenurquhart, where he was defeated in battle and was killed on the plains below Craigmore whilst trying to escape,

The hill of Craig Mony 
The usual local spelling is a single word, either Craigmony or Craigmonie, or Monie's Hill, is a vitrified iron age fort, with little evidence remaining, largely a turf and moss- covered wall is spread to about 5.0m wide and has an exterior height of 1.4m.

Through execution of the sight many corroded arrowheads, believed to be 12th century, were discovered buried deep in the peaty soil nearby.

There is a walking route that gives great views from the hilltop of Craig Mony above Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness and then the walk takes you to the spectacular Divach Falls.

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